Monthly Archives: September 2014

Ducklings and Decisions both start with “D”

Each morning I hear, “Quack, quack, splash, quackity, quackity, splash.”  I have five ducklings in our backyard, that one of my mamma ducks hatched.  I love ducklings and they are so adorable when they are little fuzz balls that fit in your hand.  Their bills are the length of your finger nail and feel soft. Continue reading Ducklings and Decisions both start with “D”

My Tennis Career -BROKEN-

We recently went on a vacation, and on our vacation we played tennis.

Now for us kids, tennis started when we were little and our grandma would take us out to “play tennis”.  If you could even call it that.  But we had fun missing the ball and sometimes hitting the ball, finding balls hidden in bushes and “playing a new instrument” on our racket.  The only moderately good players, for our professional club, were my grandma and older brother.  The rest, well, we set our record high at like two hits, counting the serve.  I think that by now you understand that I am not very good at tennis. Continue reading My Tennis Career -BROKEN-