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Violin and Dance, What do they have in common?

I sat sobbing in the car.My mom has the amazing ability to understand me though my tears.Crying_Girl_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_081024-033927-395042

It was about 8:40 and it was dark outside.  In our church we have a music concert every now and then. One of the kids had organized a ensemble for some of the older kids.  I played my violin in it.  I normally got the harmony part which sounds very bad alone and sometimes even with others. Continue reading Violin and Dance, What do they have in common?

A Memoir

This year I have been taking I writing class on writing true stories.  I will be writing lots of memoirs.  Please give me your feed back and I hope you like it.


A Blooming Hobby       

By Anna T.


I set my knitted shawl down on the Washington County 4-H display table and looked up.  Was someone calling me? In all the noise I could not tell.

“Anna!”P1060550 - Copy Continue reading A Memoir