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Comparatively Speaking

This may sound funny, but I recently realized that comparison comes in many different ways.  It is an enemy that uses strategy of different tactics.  It trys to come so you can’t recognize it and kill it.

I recently discovered one more of its tactics.

knitting for blogImagine that you are about seven and you what to learn a skill that no one else in your family knows how to do.  Your grandma teaches you.  You enjoy it and are fairly good at it. Continue reading Comparatively Speaking

Second Memoir —God Tape—

This year I have been taking I writing class on writing true stories.  This is my second memoir.  Please give me your feed back and I hope you like it.


God Tape

By Anna T.


                “…Please help keep all four wheels on the ground.  Amen,” My dad finished praying.

“And no traffic!” My siblings and I shouted remembering old traffic problems on long car trips.

I readjusted in my seat next to my sister as dad started the car engine.  This was going to be a long and fun car ride.  It was dark outside, or so I thought, I could not see outside because of all the camping gear piled up over the windowsP1060603.  I was excited to go, but at the same time I was slightly sad because I knew I would miss parts of our farm.  I checked the clock, 7:35, about on time. We were finally headed to Canada. Continue reading Second Memoir —God Tape—