Monthly Archives: June 2017

His Nature

What is it that being in the breathtaking nature of God sweeps us off our feet?  I have time and time again been intrigued that when I am in nature I hear God or He teaches me.  I begin to wonder if there is something spiritual about being still outside.

I had the great opportunity to join some friends backpacking in the Redwoods this week.  I had none of the gear.  I used my dad’s old backpack from when he was in college and had toured Europe, and had no idea what to expect.  I love camping but I was unsure that backpacking would be similar to camping.

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He Just Might Answer With 2 Broody Hens

Our God is a good God!

So many times I have heard, “Ask and it will be given to you.”  And equally I have heard that you need to ask otherwise you will not know when you receive.

Asking is something that recently I became aware that I need to do, (also in Tennessee 🙂 )  and God doesn’t care if it is super small, He wants to give us good things.  I have a funny story to tell about asking and actually receiving.

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