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I wonder how many opportunities we pass every day.

This is not an unusual though for me.  I am always weighing the cost, benefit and the opportunity cost.  In fact I probably do too much.  But recently I have been awakened to the opportunities in a different light.

A few months ago I was at an week long event.  We stayed in a dorm and each night we would gather as girls from our hall and debrief and talk.  I am sad to say

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A New Daily Workout

One day a priest was at his home and a traveler came to his door.  He pleaded with the priest, “Please father, I am traveling and have been on the road for a week.  I am going to a town not too much further but I need to get their quickly.  May I borrow a donkey from you and I will return it on my returning journey.”

The priest readily agreed, “Yes, I have a spare donkey that you may borrow.  But I must warn you my friend

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Friendly Forth

Happy 4th of July!!

What a great day.  Not only is it a day off work, the day we attribute to liberty, or the day we shoot of fireworks, but it is a day that brings the great country of America together-  a day I feel so connected to all my fellow Americans.  And I happen to think that connection, community, is really a vital part of life.

You probably know that loneliness is bad, but scientists

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