Monthly Archives: August 2017

Chase Happiness

I know that I want a happy day, how about you?

My brother comes home from work each day COVERD in grease.  Yesterday he worked outside all day in the 100 degree weather.  But I have rarely heard him complain about his job.  Instead each day we

ask him, “Anything exciting happen at work today?”  And the stories come pouring out.  If you were to talk to him you would think that he had the

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Not a Self-Fill Station

We can wear ourselves out so quickly by lots of means.  It might be emotions such as anger, disappointment, frustration,  or it might even be by trying to do everything right and trying to love everyone in our own strength?

I would be the first to sight up on the list to admit I harbor different emotions or try so hard to be perfect and do all the right things that it grinds at me like a sander.  And after a little while I start to feel like I am one of those inflatable-balloon-people at car lots.

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