Monthly Archives: October 2017

Melancholy Feelings and Golden Trees

As I stepped outside and nearly received a wet kiss from the low hanging branch of our tree, I noticed how yellow it had become.  It had a soothing, golden yellow contrasting with that of it’s still green partner near by.  Of all the seasons, fall seems to invoke the most emotions.  Winter is cozy, spring is new life, and summer is lazy days and play.  Continue reading Melancholy Feelings and Golden Trees

Just a Bad Day?

I sat there feeling utterly alone, sad, worthless, and exhausted.  I had one of my infamous headaches that I receive when I haven’t had enough sleep and I am slightly dehydrated.  I was so helplessly down that all I could see was the other people who seemed to have it all together; not just that, but they seemed to know people, were enjoying the time, and in general “doing it right”. Continue reading Just a Bad Day?