The “Play-Back Trick”

I really enjoy hosting people and making sure that that are comfortable.  One trick I have recently found is the play-back trick ( yes, I did just make up that name.)

the Play-Back Trick is when you go to someone’s house, see them, or interact with them take mental notes about what they do, and do it back.  If you were to go to their house watch and see how they make (or try to make) you comfortable, then you will most likely know what makes them comfortable even if it didn’t make you relaxed.  You find things that they do that would embellish your hosting to them.  Although it may not always work, there is a good chance that it will.  For example, if they show you where everything is in the kitchen and ask you to “Help yourself,” then if they come over you can do the same.

As I was thinking about this, I found another application for this in everyday life.

A little story: a few years ago my brother and I had a ongoing problem.  Every Tuesday Mom and him would take me to my class, and then pick me up at the end.  Well, when I would get picked up, my brother would be in the front seat, and not let me sit there!  Now if you have siblings you probably understand the tension.  The oldest gets the front seat, obviously.  Well….  I realized that I was expecting my brother to use the Play-Back Trick with me.  I let my older brother sit in the front seat, so I ASSUMED that my younger brother would treat me that same way, but he did not.

This mentality applies to a lot of life.  We think that because we do something a particular way, others will as well, yet that is not how life works.

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