Thank You = Happier You

At this time of year we are reminded to be thankful.  Some people make lists on Thanksgiving, some write on cut out leaves, and some go around the table.  I love to see how God’s commandments impact our lives, and God told us to be thankful.  So here are some proven benefits from obeying God by being thankful, all of which tie back to making you happier overall.

  1. Makes us Happier
  2. Others Like Us
  3. Boosts Our Careers
  4. Makes Us Healthier
  5. Strengthens our emotions
  6. Develops our personality

Here is a chart from Happier Humans* showing the benefits under categories:

  • Personality
    • 7. More Optimistic
    • 8. Less Materialistic
    • 9. More Spiritual
    • 10. Less Self-Centered
    • 11. More Self-Esteem
  • Health
    • 12. Better Sleep
    • 13. Keeps The Doctor Away
    • 14 Longevity
    • 15. More Energy
    • 16. More Exercise
  • Emotional
    • 17. More Resilience
    • 18. More Good Feeling
    • 19. Happier Memories
    • 20. Less Envy
    • 21. More Relaxed
  • Social
    • 22. More Friendly
    • 23. Better Marriage
    • 24. More Respect
    • 25. More Friends
    • 26. Deeper Relationships
  • Career
    • 27. Better Management
    • 28. Increased Networking
    • 29. Goal Achievement
    • 30. Improved Decision Making
    • 31. Increased Productivity


I would like us all to take thankfulness another step, though.  How often are we thankful to people that we are close to, or people in general?  Think how unappreciated you start to feel after a while when no one seems to thank you or notice what you do.  I would challenge you to make your thankfulness known.

Thank someone today,






Here is the article if you want to learn more.

The 31 Benefits of Gratitude You Didn’t Know About: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life


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